Let's learn about Artivism- the combination of art and activism! We define artivism as using your art to bring about social change. Artivism is said to have taken root during a 1997 gathering between Chicano artists from East Los Angeles and the Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico. The words "Artivist" and "Artivism" were popularized through a variety of events, actions and artworks via East Los Angeles artists and musicians.*

Artivism is a great way to encourage your students to use their voice, art, and actions to make a positive change in the world. Here are some ideas on how you can introduce artivism in the classroom!

  • Learn: Draw notes or make a mind map of what you've learned.

  • Educate: Make a brochure or a display to share what you have learned with others.

  • Advocate: Send a letter to leaders advocating for your cause and include a work of art to show them your vision of a better future.

  • Protest: Make signs or posters to hold up or pass out during a protest or demonstration.

  • Campaign: Create posts for social media that can inform and persuade others to support your cause.

  • Donate: Auction or sell your art and donate the profits. Make items that you can donate to individuals or organizations.

  • Organize: Form a club with others who support your cause. Host an event to raise money or awareness to support your cause.

  • Create: Design and build something new! There are no limits to your imagination!


Youth Activists

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Join Paula Liz and Khadesia Latimer of Anti-Racist Art Teachers as they explore 'The Art of Learning Through Artivism!' with Crayola. Our voices and actions have the power to transform. As educators it is important to teach students that they can use their voices to speak up about issues that are important to them and learn ways to take action. Watch as we discover some of the ways young artists can begin to imagine and create a better future for ALL!

Let's talk about how children can create change through Artivism! Join Anti-Racist Art Teachers alongside @CrayolaEdu for a #CrayolaEduChat about art activities and books that inspire kids to dream BIG!


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