Inspired Self-Portraits

Here is a break down and some examples from my "Inspired Self-Portraits" lesson completed by my 6th grade artists.

We began by understanding the idea that a self-portrait can be more than just a visual representation of your physical appearance. Who we are as individuals extends beyond our looks and our identities are layered and complex.

We then examined how artists have used various styles, techniques, and mediums throughout history; noticing how artists were inspired and influenced by one another.

At this point, they were asked to select and research an artist whose work they were personally drawn to. Many discovered new artists they were previously unfamiliar with while searching through books, magazines, and art websites such as Art 21.

Afterwards, they created a unique self-portrait inspired by the work of the artist they researched.

Overall, this self-portrait lesson was a great way to further investigate our identities while also experimenting with various mediums, tools, and techniques!