ROcoco Vases

Day 1: We began this project by learning about Rococo art and the history of the Palace of Versailles. This leads to a great discussion on the causes of the French revolution, particularly social inequality, drawing parallels to today. We also look at the work of artist Kehinde Wiley and how his work uses Rococo elements to make a statement about power and representation. After discussing the role of beauty and decoration in art, students began brainstorming ideas for their artwork. They concluded by drawing an ornate life-size template of a vase inspired by the Rococo style.

Day 2: Introduction to Roberto Lugo and Pinch Pots: Students were introduced to the work of artist Roberto Lugo. They then learned how to create a pinch pot to sculpt the base of their vase. Students were also introduced to coiling and used slip and score techniques to add height to their vase shape.

Day 3-4: Building day: Students will use coiling techniques to complete the body of their vase.

Day 5: Introduction to Relief: Students will use additive clay techniques to create a relief sculpture on the body of their vase.

Day 6: Introduction to Engraving: Students will use subtractive clay techniques to create a, engraving/carving on the body of their vase. Students will also carve/take away any clay that may be too thick before placing into the kiln.

Day 7: Pulling Handles: Students will learn how to pull a handle. Students will add handles to their vase. Students will also complete any finishing touches on their vase.

Day 8: Paper Flowers: Because the vases are large, I like to wait at least a week for them to thoroughly dry before placing in the kiln. During this class, we create paper flower bouquets to display within our vases after they are glazed. We started by folding a green piece of paper in half and cutting thin slits for the leaves/stems. We then used construction paper to cut and fold flowers to add to our bouquets.

Day 9: Introduction to Glazing: Students will be introduced to glazing techniques (at least 3 coats, with drying time in between) and begin glazing their vases.

Day 10: Final Day: Students will finish glazing their vases and complete their rubric and written reflection.

Student Art