Kinder Animal Shape Paintings

My kindergarten artists have been busy learning how to draw from observation.  We began by learning how to look for and use a combination of geometric and organic shapes to draw what we see. I had a variety of animal figures that they worked from.

We then learned how artists use horizon lines to portray a sense of space in their work. After adding a horizon line behind their animals, young artists traced their drawings with a sharpie and began adding color using crayons.

Next, we used watercolor paint to complete our work. Since I teach at a two way immersion school, we concluded by writing the name of the animal we painted in both English y Español to display beneath our paintings.

This lesson is a fun way for my young artists to begin developing their observation skills and it is a great foundation to the more complex animal paintings that they complete in first grade.  Click here to read about my first grade lesson.

Student Art