Expressionism In Art

Hello artists! Welcome back to my virtual art room! How are you feeling today? Sometimes it can be hard to put our thoughts and emotions into words. Well today we will learn how we can use art to visually express how we feel. Watch the video and let’s get started!

Hola artistas! Bienvenido de nuevo a mi sala de arte virtual! Cómo te sientes hoy? A veces puede ser difícil poner nuestros pensamientos y emociones en palabras. Bueno, hoy aprenderemos cómo podemos usar el arte para expresar visualmente cómo nos sentimos. ¡Vea el video y empecemos!

In this presentation, students will learn how they can express their emotions and feelings through art!

Students will learn about Expressionism and how artists can express themselves in both realistic and abstract ways. Through an exploration of colors, lines, and shapes students will begin to understand how they can use those elements of art to express emotions. Please note that this presentation contains both English and Spanish vocabulary.

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