Artificial Creativity: The Rise of the RObot Artist?

For this lesson, young artists will learn about robots, specifically Sophia the robot "artist." After a discussion, they will then design their own robot.

Begin by sharing the following video clips with your students. ( I recommend stopping the first video at 2:19, but if you have more time you can play the entire clip).

Once you have shared the videos, ask students "What does it mean to be an artist?" This discussion can lead into a larger conversation about what is art and who can be considered an artist. It also brings up questions about creativity, inspiration, and the ability to come up with new/original ideas.

Then conclude with a discussion as to whether or not Sophia can be considered an artist.

After this conversation, prompt your young artists to design their own robot. Ask them to think about what they want their robot to be able to do and what they want their robot to look like.

Artificial Creativity

Student Art

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