Digital Legacy Tiles

Similar to my Layers of Identity lesson, my young artists discuss how our identities are complex. This project begins by exploring and unraveling the many layers of our identities and brainstorming ways we can visualize who we are beyond our appearance. I use an apple to illustrate the complex and intersecting layers that make up our identities. We discussed what these layers are and why they are an important part of who we are as individuals. My young artists then create a clay relief self-portrait that visually represents at least one (or more) aspect of their identity from within each layer. You can learn more about the original clay Legacy Tile Project.

Like many school districts, art remained virtual for all students during the 2020-2021 school year. As such we were not able to complete our legacy tiles as we have traditionally done. So instead I found a digital solution! My young artists used PIXLR to create their digital self-portraits which I then had printed onto ceramic tiles from Artsonia. Even though they may not have been in the building during their 5th grade year, their legacies still live on within the school!